2008 KACE Conference

More Information Coming Soon. Conference held November 5th - 7th.

ExEd Breakout Session Comments

Marketing Best Practices for Internship-related fairs, workshops and events

  • Partner with student organizations to coordinate and market programs
  • Create Facebook groups for students looking for internships
  • Utilize student leaders and student workers to blog about experiences
  • Update Web site weekly with new information on main page to keep students' interest
  • Schedule appointments and/or have lunch with faculty to discuss how you may help them meet their classroom objectives and strengthen employer relationships
  • Invite faculty to special events to showcase what you do
  • Inform parents of upcoming events and how they can help their student with their life/career development through newsletters and presentations
  • Before a fair or event, go to where students are and distribute hand-outs with the names of the employers who will be in attendance to remind students about the event and motivated to attend

Internship Tracking Systems
Participants: Erin Wolfram, Dena Smoot, Traci Klasing, Pauline Matteson

Type of system
Excel spreadsheet database of all students who have completed internships

How to collect info
1.Collect info at grad or career fairs
a.To draw students to booth, have food or massage chair
b.Limit questions asked to not overwhelm students
c.Ask where the internship is/was
2.Talk to students, employers – let them know they must alert career services office of internships (could have an online reporting form)
3.Students are required to have career services office signature to graduate; therefore, when they get the signature they can report any internships
4.Talk to faculty (they are key) – ask them who currently has an internship and where
5.Announce pizza party for all current, past interns (focus group) and collect data there
6.Use website or internship tab on website
7.Using automated e-mails to students who have had internship appointments in your office or students in general, staff (ask have you found internship? If so, where?)
8.Offer grand prize – cash, gas card, food, etc. – to be awarded to one person who completed requested information (do a drawing)
9.Have all students sign in on computer before served in office – ask them basic questions on sign-in

Internship Course components
1.Internship contract
2.Release forms
4.Site visits
5.Online Course
Assignments may include:
a.Three weekly reflection questions related to internship based on weekly articles
c.Two informational interviews
d.Objective statements for internship
e.Organizational analysis
f.Final portfolio

Why track internships?
1.Post past internships on website
a.Include contact information
b.General responsibilities
2.Have binders in office of past internships, arranged by major or industry for students to browse
3.Helps alumni office
4.Share info throughout college – use for marketing

How to promote internships/events
1.Info tables in Union, Career Services tablecloth
i.Need an Internship? We can help
ii.Internship resources
iii.Internship postings
b.Postcards – Need an Internship?
i.How to find
ii.How to secure
iii.How to get credit
2.Emails-from a person, not a system

Career Services software
CSO, E-Recruiting, Symplicity
Advantages of each?

KACE Experiential Education Committee ideas for next year
1.Joint Internship Fair
a.Partnering Universities to host internship fair
2.Listing of all employers who require internships
3.Internship Fair and / or Retreat / or Workshop
4.Virtual Internship Fair?

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